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What is a Financial Coach?

Just like there are coaches for movie stars, musicians, and athletes, there are also coaches available to help you with your personal and business finances.  This person can teach you the why and how to save, invest, eliminate debt, give, and be financially independent.

A financial coach is not a financial counselor.  A counselor is typically someone who focuses on fixing issues from the past.  A coach, on the other hand, is someone who spends the time to learn and understand how you got here, but focuses on helping you get to where you want to go.

A financial coach is not a financial planner, although they are very close.  According to www.dictionary.com, financial planning is “the devising of a program for the allocation and management of finances and capital through budgeting, investment, etc.”  A financial coach can help develop a cash flow plan (budget) and teach you the basics of investing.  However, a financial coach does not sell any investment products.

What I WILL and will NOT do:


  • I WILL take the time to get to know you and your specific situation.
  • I WILL make recommendations.  But, ultimately, it is your choice.
  • I WILL explain why I have made specific recommendations.
  • I WILL assist you in building and adjusting your cash flow plan as needed.
  • I WILL provide multiple options when possible.
  • I WILL help you convert your dreams into goals.
  • I WILL continue to encourage and educate.


  • I will NOT tell you that you HAVE to do something like get a second job.
  • I will NOT tell you that you HAVE to sell certain items such as your car.
  • I will NOT make recommendations for the purchase or sale of any investments.
  • I will NOT teach or help you MANAGE your debt.  The goal is debt ELIMINATION.


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